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*Calls 1-800-ASSASSINO*


Violently surprising biscuits by seisei


Violently surprising biscuits by seisei

assassin’s creed posters


didn’t say i open for request but i was kinda bored, so i did thisXD
i also inserted my previous connor sketch in here, so he won’t be left alone~  And no one request Ezio? lol poor guy~


i talked with a friend about how it would be if ziio didnt leave haytham and they stayed a family and uncle charles visited them sometimes and played checkers with connor and then connor would lose all the time and run to his father who would avenge him in another match and ye it was cute /)w(\

The name “Altair" is a word in the Arabic language, meaning "The Flyer”, “The Flying One”. The second part of his name, “Ibn-La’Ahad" means "Son of none”, reflecting his mysterious origins. 


Right in the feels, man